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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weddings 2011: Elegance and purple roses at Ross Bridge Resort

gratitude ~

More perfect weather could not have been ordered for Kiella and Jamal's wedding day at Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort. The early fall sky was clear blue and the temperatures in the 70s with a little fall breeze in the trees. But the perfect weather was not the coolest thing about the day.

 A most unusual thing happened the afternoon of the wedding that the bride still probably doesn't know . . .

As I was cleaning up and loading the van after flowering the arch, the groom in his tuxedo came JOGGING towards me across that wide stone terrace at Ross Bridge!

. . . Big smile big guy . . .

Miss Carol, "Thank you so much, it is all beautiful!"

Wow . . . well that never happens, WHAT a SWEETHEART ~ what a gentleman!

I will never forget that. It's not often people express gratitude.

Honestly we really felt it was quite an honor to work on this wedding. Kiella is an event planner for a large Embassy Suites in North Carolina and has excellent taste. She knew exactly how she wanted the ballroom to look and I was thrilled she chose us.


Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

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