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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beautiful Wedding Bouquets : Color !

It's already a busy wedding season at Lillie's, but a promise is a promise! After telling a few of the new brides we've met with most recently that I would put together a special post featuring color in bridal bouquets, it's done! And it was so much fun. As a matter of fact, I might have to whip up another one...umm, later.

But for now, let's start with - pink:

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A rainbow of pink tumbles from this very ladylike bouquet of roses and ivy shaped into a tear-drop cascade.  Something about this conjures visions of Downton Abbey in my mind. Those tables laden with heavenly blossoms - oh come quickly Season Three! Bride Kimberly carried this bouquet at The Sonnet House. Thank you David Boyd for sharing the picture.

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For her wedding at serene Lake Guntersville last June, Bride Anna carried her favorite, a hand-tied bouquet of frothy pink and white peonies. Thank you Monica Dooley for the picture.

Brides-to-be often ask me if they should carry a white bouquet or color. My response is always ...  

"What are your favorite blossoms?" 

A bride should certainly carry her favorite flowers on her wedding day. That being said, many varieties of flowers come in a range of colors from shades of white to pastels and on to very intense hues - all within the same variety of flower. 

For instance, tulips, roses, gerbera daises, freesia, ranunculus, lilies and hydrangeas come in all hues from vivid white to ivory and on down the color spectrum.

So, if you've been dreaming of what to carry on your wedding day, consider a few of these pretty choices . . .

And, if a whisper of color is all you require, consider something like this...

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Bride Neilly carried the softest of colors in her garden bouquet of hydrangea, anemone, stock and roses for her elegant ceremony at Saint Luke's Episcopal. The Queen Anne's lace mimics the delicate lace overlay of her gown. Mixed with velvety-soft lamb's ear, her bouquet has an unusually feminine look. I love this shot by

For lover's of more intense color, we have yellows . . . 

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Above, Bride Angie carried her favorite as she walked down the aisle at Our Lady of the Valley. A bouquet of sunny yellow cymbidium orchids and calla lilies. Photograph, Simple Color.

Below, Whitney told us she loved firecracker red, orange and bright yellows. This bouquet glows with orange tulips, yellow freesia, billy balls and rosehips. Photograph, Frank Carnaggio.

The Lillie's wedding color of 2011 - Brides choosing bouquets in shades of purple . . . 

Bride Amy carried a simple, elegant bouquet of rich, purple hydrangea for her outdoor wedding at the The Sonnet House in early October 2011.  Thank you Ann Wade Parrish for the picture.


For her ceremony at our very own Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Bride Adrienne carried her heart's desire; fragrant purple lilac. Her bouquet also has a pretty, lavender pin cushion scabiosa and tufts of French hydrangea. Thank you Greg Hawkins for the picture.

Below, Bride Heather carried a fall dahlias in shades of purple and burgundy in her wedding bouquet. Alisha Crossley shared this picture with us.


And finally representing red, the color of love ~ Nicole's favorite blossom was an old-time favorite: the wonderfully fragrant stargazer lily. For her traditional ceremony at Saint Mark's Catholic Church in Birmingham she carried her Grandmother's rosary on the stems of this bouquet of lilies, red roses and snapdragons.


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