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Thursday, February 16, 2012

white wedding bouquets

This week two different brides have asked me if they should carry an all white bouquet or a bouquet with color. I always say, "It's your day, carry your favorite blossoms!"

My good friends Carolyn and Cathy at The White Room and I have an ongoing discussion over white blossoms vs. color on the day of the wedding. The White Room girls have me outnumbered ~ here are a few of the white bouquets Lillie's has made just for their brides xo . . .

But remember, even white bouquets can vary in shades, textures and hues. The bouquet above includes a  true white casablanca lily, a vanilla Virginia rose, an ivory mini calla and, at the very top of the bouquet, a snow white peony. The touches of green in the bouquet are found in the fronds of southern shield fern and the buds on white freesia stems.

So, since all colors, including white, vary tremendously, the only way to achieve truly even color is to select a single type of blossom for your bouquet. The bouquet below is limited to Amelia roses - one of my favorites because of the feminine scallop on her petals. 

Thank you's to Arden photography

This bouquet photographed by Emily Kicklighter is a neat mound of white Akito roses with a collar of waxy green galax leaves.  Akito roses are one of the purest white and, according to growers, the most popular variety of white rose for weddings.

Other popular white rose bouquet choices include:

Bianca - medium sized and ivory in color  
Eskimo - medium-small sized head and snow white. Eskimos make great boutonnieres!
Garden roses - glorious white garden roses vary in size and shade, but most are fragrant and lend that full-blown lushness to anything they adorn
Spray roses - again, lot's of whites to choose from, but one of Lillie's favorites is white majolica. Their tint is chalky blush, and though they might start out small, they open wide and (when most would have long-ago dropped their petals) they keep on smiling

And, if you are willing to add a little texture to your white bouquet, one of my favorite "white" additions is Queen Anne's Lace, which adds wonderful movement and whimsy to a bouquet.

Thank you's to Simple Color Photography

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Flowers are always charming and attractive no matter what the occasion is, but when it comes to wedding, they certainly be chosen with style and grace. Your blog is beautiful and fragrant.