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Friday, January 6, 2012

Lillie's on the cover of Alabama Weddings

I hardly thought there could be a bigger thrill than seeing our Lillie's wedding shot by  Fotowerks on the cover of Alabama Weddings Magazine in 2011...

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but then, my mailman brings a delivery of the 2012 edition to my doorstep, and hooray, there is Lillie's again! 

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This was such an honor for us because the 2012 issue is the Ten Year Anniversary issue of the publication.

Many thanks to Michelle at Alabama Weddings Mag and to the oh-so talented Frank Carnaggio who shot this cover, which hit the newsstands in January.

I have to say, I'm partial to a blue cover, and apparently I'm not alone. My dear friend and publishing guru, Phyllis Hoffman of Hoffman Media told me once that blue covers are among the most popular. Certainly, we folks in the flower business know just how much blue flowers are in high demand. 

Who knows, maybe someday blue delphinium bouquets will overtake red rose bouquets at Valentine's.........Nah. 

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