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Friday, December 31, 2010


Boutonniere also boutonnière ( ) n. A flower or small bunch of flowers worn in a buttonhole. [French boutonnière , from Old French. 

Rosebuds are always available for men to wear on a wedding day, but many of Lillie's brides think outside the box when choosing a boutonniere for their grooms.

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In keeping with the theme of the wedding, this bout gets its vintage look from soft lamb's ear, two types of silk ribbon and a tiny silver charm bearing an old family photograph.

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This groom wore a mini calla lily with stephanotis and varigated ivy when he married at the Sonnet House in Leeds, Alabama.

or, go green . . .

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This groom wears a boutonniere of boxwood, hypericum berry, seeded eucalyptus and wax flower for and afternoon wedding ceremony at Aldridge Gardens in Birmingham, Alabama.

Thank you Jason Wallis, Frank Carnaggio and Jim Little for sharing the boutonniere images with Lillie's


Daniel Taylor Photography said...

These are such photogenic ideas for the groom, Carol. Love them.

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